Our Core Values

Our Core Values

The principles on which the Drowos Wealth Management Group operates have been in place since Jeffrey Drowos founded his investment practice in 1979.

Beyond the many ethical and educational requirements of our advisors' registrations and professional designations, the following core values dictate how each team member conducts themselves professionally and personally each and every day:

Ethics & Accountability

Beyond prudent investment recommendations and avoiding conflicts of interest, we believe adhering to the highest moral ethical standards is the only way to conduct our business and live our lives.

Adherence to Beliefs

We believe in diversification, risk management, and sound investment strategies.  Markets and goals may change; our conviction in our beliefs is unwavering.

Continuous Improvement

We must objectively evaluate our processes and strategies to be better today than yesterday; and even better tomorrow than today.


We feel a deep sense of responsibility for the future success of our clients and their families and operate our practice with a profound sense of duty.

Giving Back

Every member of our team makes it a priority to commit time and money to serving the needs of the less fortunate in our community and around the world.  We happily work with clients seeking to do the same.


We are a multigenerational family business, with up to four generations of clients as an extension of that family; just as we care for our own family, we care for our clients and theirs.